Keep your crypto. Borrow better.

Really get that crypto working. With a crypto loan you could borrow any amount up to 50% of the value of your crypto, without having to sell any of it.

New car, new gaming setup, new assets – you choose, it’s your crypto!

Why Choose a Crypto Loan From BlockLender?

Instant borrowing

A crypto loan lets you borrow whenever you choose, for whatever reason you choose.

Just deposit your crypto with our custodian and borrow up to 50% of its value straight away.

  • Borrow any amount at 4.5% APR, with a 50% LTV.
  • No fees.
  • No credit check.
  • Interest is added to the loan amount, so there’s no monthly payments to make.

Keep your crypto

By using your crypto to back your loan, rather than selling it, you continue to own your crypto and full control over it is returned to you once you no longer need your loan.

  • No need to incur exchange fees for conversion and withdrawal to fiat.
  • No need to create an extra tax liability by realizing investment gains.
  • Your crypto stays as crypto and you continue to benefit from any increase in its value.

Why Choose a Crypto Loan from BlockLender?

When you borrow from us, we place your collateral into smart contracts with well-established DeFi protocols, such as Aave, Compound and Maker. This in turn acts as collateral for funding for the loan that we’re providing to you, which is why we’re able to offer such a good interest rate without taking any excessive risk with your crypto.

Other crypto lenders don’t do it this way. They fund their loans through deposits, and as they need to offer high rates to attract depositors, they charge even higher rates on their lending. To keep their returns high, they also take risks with the collateral. At BlockLender, we don’t do this. We set out to do things differently, keeping borrowing safer and more transparent for you.

See what you could borrow

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How it works

How Do Crypto Loans Work?

Frequently asked Questions

What Cryptocurrencies Can I Use As Collateral?

We’re currently accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum as collateral for our crypto loans, and plan to add other cryptocurrencies to the list very soon.

Do I Need To Sell Any Of My Crypto To Fund My Loan?

No, you do not need to sell any of your crypto to fund your loan. Your crypto stays as crypto, held with our custodian partner over the duration of the loan.

Where is the collateralised crypto stored, and how is it kept safe?

Unlike other lenders, we do not re-lend the collateral you deposit with us. Your crypto is held in an insured wallet with Fireblocks and never leaves our custody. We then use a smart contract to borrow against the collateral from three of the top DeFi protocols. All assets are visible on-chain so you will be able to see the collateral we hold and the value of loans made to protocols. This means that we run a 100% transparent model where you can see the health of the lending book in real-time – something no bank or other lender is offering.

What Happens When The Value Of My Crypto Falls?

If the value of your loan hits 73% of the value of your collateral (in other words, your LTV ratio is 73%) we liquidate 33% of the collateral to repay a portion of the loan. This improves the LTV ratio to 60%. If crypto keeps going down we would liquidate another 33% at 73% LTV ratio and so on. The net result is that the downpayment element of the loan is repaid in full, and you don’t owe anything more. We endeavour to notify you as your LTV ratio approaches liquidation (at 60%, 65% and 70%), and you can top up your collateral with ETH, BTC or USDC to improve your LTV ratio at any point.

Can I Access My Crypto While It Is Deposited With BlockLender?

You can withdraw your crypto once your loan is repaid, or when your loan to value ratio is over the threshold we set (for example 50%).

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