About BlockLender

Founded in 2022, we’re a venture backed by AQRU plc, the UK’s only stock exchange-listed DeFi accelerator.

AQRU plc’s team comes from a range of blue-chip crypto, payments and fintech firms, and has one of the longest track records of successfully managing assets in the crypto space.

We created BlockLender in the autumn of 2022, after a summer of high profile collapses of crypto lenders. We saw how those lenders took excessive risks with their customers’ assets – but just as bad, in our view, was the fact that their customers were often kept completely unaware of what was happening with their assets.

We knew there could be a better way of lending, and we set out to build it. Our principles are safety, security and transparency, and because we’re not taking crazy risks to chase crazy returns, we’re able to do things a bit differently. Our customers know what’s happening with their money, and we’re able to offer a market-leading low rate for our loans. Everyone’s happy – and that’s just how DeFi should be.

Mike Edwards Non-Exec Chairman
Mark Rutledge Non-Exec Director
Phil Blows Co-Chairman
Digby Try Advisor
Louis Quiantance CTO
Will Milne CFO
Nick Lyth Advisor
Daniel Sale Marketing Director

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